Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Way Things Are

Not good, that’s the way things are. But, things are not so bad either. Things could be a lot worse. If you are reading this a mile wide asteroid probably has not struck us. Things could be a whole lot worse.

The grass still grows. The sky is blue. The wind blows. People fall in and out of love, or at least lust. There is food to eat and water to drink. Most of us are clothed and housed. The television can be ignored mostly. We have music and movies and books and sports and the Internet to entertain us. Our children are above average. Our spouses and significant others still speak to us for the most part.

Of course the politicians still lie. There is crime and too many people are locked up for things that only harm themselves. Taxes are high. The money isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on and can’t be trusted. People die. But, in the grand scheme of things how much does any of that really matter to most of us.

If any of it really matters to you, get a life. Enjoy a good meal, listen to some good music and chill out.

Why ask why? Go ahead and order a Bud and forget about it.

That’s right, ignore the politicians. Live your life here and now. Tell the truth and be truthful. Pay the taxes you can’t avoid. Put your paper money into real assets. Laugh a little, hopefully a lot. Chill out. Ignore the politicians.

It is time to launch the Second American Revolution.

This Revolution isn’t to be fought with guns and bombs. This is a nonviolent revolution. Well, it will be nonviolent on the part of the revolutionaries. There are no guarantees what the government will do or how it will react. The soldiers in this revolution are all of us who have had enough and are voting with our feet. Opt out. Or, put another way, “Tune in, Turn on and Drop out!”

Why not? Do we really care who the President sleeps with? Do we really want to participate in a system that stations troops in more than 140 countries around the world? Do we think it’s right for those troops to be teaching military and police in those countries to torture and maim and kill the people living in those countries? Do we think our government should really be creating a series of trade agreements to make it easier of multinational companies, especially the “fortunate five hundred” to become the ultimate welfare recipients as they are subsidized in their export of American jobs? Do we believe we really need over 1,200 SWAT teams in communities across the country from Maine to Maui? Do we really want the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security to be able to listen to every phone call and read every email message we send? Do we believe it’s the job of the national government to decide what we teach our children? Do we really have to be forced to save for our retirement? Do we require the national government to tell us what is or isn’t clean air or water? Do we really need the national government to run our lives? Are we really that stupid?

If you answered yes to any of those questions that’s fine. But you might not enjoy this blog.

Some will say, “Do we really need a national government at all?” Yeah, we probably do. That government should provide for the common defense, assure the availability of sound money (not just paper backed by debt instruments), protect civil liberties and maintain a judiciary to resolve disputes. But, “The Nanny State,” as we know it, is obsolete and didn’t work anyway.

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Kathleen Claire said...

LouMichaels - If I could have written this entry myself, I would have. I see our country wasting away, and for some time now, I cannot say "I'm proud to be an American."

Government can and should provide a representative view of the Americans. But if the Americans just decide to "give up" and not pay attention to government, we no longer have a democratic society, but one where others act only according to a) his or her individual interest; or far worse, b) according to what he/she THINKS is in the best interest of the people.

We, as individuals, cannot afford to become apathetic. We must remain in tuned, and involved, and prepared to do what it takes to support and fight for our own individual rights and freedom.