Tuesday, September 23, 2008

OZ on the Potomac

The monuments of Washington, DC are beautiful tonight, well lit reminders of what was once the last best hope of the planet. OZ is indeed visually impressive. Yet, OZ is rapidly becoming an empty facade where the streets are paved in worthless greenbacks. The wheels of America's government still turn smoothly, its entitlements, earmarks and various and sundry wars, humming like a fine tooled machine fueled by endless debt. And, the weather is delightful tonight, crisp, clear and cool. It's after midnight and we are safe for at least a few hours, Congress has adjourned for the evening and the Wizard sleeps.

However, the fate of the nation hangs in the balance. Financial markets are in turmoil. Tomorrow Congress will continue to debate the terms and conditions of the "Mother of all Bailouts."

OZ, this mythical bastion of Capitalism and free markets, has become something akin to a National Socialist State. Consider on the one hand the "Storm Troopers" of the Department of Homeland Security using fear to justify tyranny who are a matched pair with thousands of SWAT teams intent on imprisioning more people in both absolute and per capita terms than any other nation on earth in a futile effort to win a "War on Drugs." America has become a police state. Meanwhile, on the other hand, companies deemed "too big to fail" are being taken over by a government and thus insulated from the consequences of their mistakes and their corruption. The "Land of the free and the home of the brave" has become a phantom or a figmant of imaginative spin doctors.

Nobody knows how the masters of our universal debt, America's creditors, will react. If the Asians, Indians, Arabs and Europeans don't approve of the terms of the "Mother of all Bailouts," they could sell their multi trillion dollar currency stash and call their multi trillion dollars in government notes; dumping their assets like so much sand into the fine tuned gearbox of America's debt based Empire and dismantling the "shining city on the hill." Of course the resulting disorder might consume them as well. That consideration might yet preserve the status quo for a time. Where will it all end? Who can know?

Meanwhile those who contend to become the new Wizard stalk the countryside. What to they think? Not much. What do they really say? Even less. They would rather talk about something else; almost anything else. The current financial melt down is beyond their comprehension. One calls for "Change," yet represents the status quo of a generation of failed policies. The other is comitted to the maintainence of Empire and continuation of the never ending war, while confessing he doesn't understand economics. The focus of the race has devolved to identity politics revolving around the race of the Presidential nominee of one party and the sex of the Vice Presidential nominee of the other party. America's media, political elites and the vast majority of American voters really have no clue as to what really matters.

It is said that when Rome burned Nero played the fiddle. One doubts that any of the national candidates who would be the new Wizard have enough musical talent to emulate him. Yet make no mistake, OZ is engulfed in financial flames lit four score and fifteen years by the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913; creating a fiat currency inspired insanity. The consequences of those decisions can't be avoided much longer.

The moral of this story is: Buy precious metals.

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