Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Expect a Miracle

Too often we expect the worst and that's exactly what we experience. A business deal doesn't go right. We lose faith and patience. Our trust in the transaction is lost. Then, a partner says let's give it one more chance. There is no need to rush to litigation according to our partner. Against our better judgment we wait just a little longer.

Then out of the blue the unexpected happens. The other party to the transaction actually performs as mandated by the contract. And, rather than spending the next 18 months and who knows how much in legal fees pursuing inadequate remedies, the deal works.

So the lesson is have a little faith, have a lot of patience and choose to expect a miracle. Sometimes the outcome is positive.

How much time and energy to we waste day to day choosing to expect the worst?

Why not choose to expect to be pleasantly surprised. Why not expect a miracle?

What really do we have to lose?

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