Monday, October 27, 2008

We Get What We Ask For

An alternative title for this blog is Visualize World Peace. Many of us hate war, poverty, hunger, waste, paper money and taxes. Depending on our particular emphasis we pick one or more of these to actively oppose. We become anti war or anti poverty or tax resisters. Most of us probably wonder why if we want peace we still have war. Especially when most people agree with us. There is a clear majority in America for peace. There is a clear majority in the American Congress for peace. Around the world there is a consensus that peace is better than war. Yet war persists. American defense expenditures are more than the all rest of the world collectively spends. What's wrong with this picture?

The same can be said for the other issues listed above as well.

The reason is that by being anti war or anti tax we buy into the reality of war and the reality of tax. Being opposed to something locks us into the reality in which that which is opposed must necessarily continue to exist to facilitate the opposition.

Thus neither the War on Poverty nor the War on Drugs can ever be won. When bad economic policies precipitate a crash, it makes no sense to repeat those policies with even more money to alleviate the crash, yet that is what has happened in the past few weeks.

To attain world peace or anything else we must move beyond war. Resistance is futile. If we want change we must, as Gandhi said, "Be the change."

This is why The Rainmaker boldly predicted that regardless of the outcome of the upcoming election, nothing much will really change.

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